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  • Style: Cateye
  • Lens: Blue Block Lens
  • Material: Flexilite. Glasses made with Flexilite are incredibly flexible, durable, and lightweight.

Flexilite is super comfortable due to its lightweight and flexibility which means you can wear it for the whole day and it won’t irritate you, give you a headache, or slide off your nose.

OPTICAL FRAME READY : You can take this style to your optometrist and have them fit it with your prescription. 

Glasses with blue light filtering technology can enhance your focus and reduce eye strain, resulting in making your eyes feel less tired and improving productivity.

If your face is average in size, which is the most common option, a medium frame should fit you well.

Unsure of your size? Let us help you! 

Find your width:

How to pick the perfect sunglass shape

Step 1: Determine your face shape.


Take one of the following: a washable marker or an old lipstick.
Stand at arm's length in front of a mirror.
Carefully trace the outline of your face on the mirror's surface, starting from your chin and ending with your hairline.
Take a step back and look at the resulting shape.

Is your face shape more predominantly

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Heart-Shaped
  • Triangular

Step 2: Choose the correct frame shape for your face


No your face isn’t round like a perfect circle! A round face just means that your face’s width and length are almost identical.

Choose a frame where the width is greater than the height – these include:

  • Cat Eye
  • Aviators
  • Wayfarers
  • Glasses with narrow bridges
  • Pointed, rectangular glasses


    The face’s length is slightly greater than the width.

    It’s important to avoid glasses that look too massive! The frame should be as wide or slightly wider than the width of your face.

    So what works best then? These:

    • Glasses with smooth-lined frames: rectangular, oval, round.
    • "Butterfly" glasses.
    • "Aviators."
    • "Cat's eyes" glasses.



    The length and width of the face is almost identical. The chin is broad and angular.

    A sharp frame or one with square frames could possibly overload your face’s outlines.

    Rather purchase a pair of:  

    • Large glasses.
    • Glasses where the frame width equals the width of your face.
    • Glasses with colored frames.
    • Glasses with oval, round, or teardrop-shaped frames.
    • Frameless glasses.
    • "Cat's eyes" glasses.
    • "Aviators."


    Your face’s length is greater than the width and your cheekbones, jaw and forehead are of equal width.

    We suggest a pair of sunglasses that will make your face appear visually broader. Grab the largest pair of glasses you can find!

    Also, try a pair similar to these:

    • Large-framed glasses.
    • "Aviators" (with large frames).
    • Round-framed glasses.


    The face’s length is greater than the width. From your forehead to your chin your face begins wider and goes slightly narrower.

    Massive-looking glasses will not help they'll just add more bulk to the upper part. We advise you to choose glasses where the width equals the width of your face.

    Try these instead:

    • Rounded or round glasses.
    • Small frames with a narrow bridge.
    • Glasses with low-set arms.
    • "Aviators."
    • "Wayfarers."
    • Frameless glasses.
    • Bright or neutral-colored frames.


    The face’s length is slightly greater than the width. This face shape tends to narrow towards the temples.

    Choose sunglasses with a large frame and a broad upper part. The lower part shouldn't have square or sharp outlines.

    • Round glasses without bright decorations.
    • "Aviators."
    • "Cat's eyes" glasses with transparent lenses.
    • Frameless glasses.

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