About Us

We are a South African Lifestyle Brand specialising in Eyewear, Timewear & Personal Accessories. We are rooted in beautiful design and are uncompromising in our drive to create high quality “personal treasures” that stand the test of time.

Proudly South African

We are a brand born in South Africa and we are proud of it! We are continually inspired by our country and her people. Being a South African brand, we believe strongly in making a positive impact on the economic well-being of our country. To us, this impact means job creation, supporting the community and investing in our team and their professional development.

Fine products at a fair price

We probably never stop to think about why designer brands charge such high prices. The answer is that we’re simply paying too many people. We’re paying - the design house - the brand name owner - the manufacturer - the distributor - the wholesaler - the retailer. At Superfine all you pay for is great design and great quality. We source the finest materials to bring you the highest quality product at the fairest price.

New styles in store often

We know that being unique and fresh is key which is why we release new and limited edition styles in store regularly. We research, design and produce our styles in record time so you can shop something fresh with each visit.